This week I’ve rounded up 9 Fabulous DIYs for ThursDIY that will keep you enjoying the warm days of summer and also for those of you who are already thinking about that fall wardrobe or back to school (gasp!) I’ve got some fun fashion DIY’s to fill that need! Let’s get started!

9 Fabulous DIYs feature by Trinkets in Bloom

Enjoy your garden with a cute Terra Cotta Pot Trio by PLA Schneider.Terra Cotta Pot Trio by PLA Schneider

Hone your crochet skills with this cozy Miu Miu inspired Crochet Vest.Miu Miu DIY Crochet Top Feature by Trinkets in Bloom

Update your sketchbook using fabric markers for a Doodled Sketchbook Cover.Doodled Journal Cover 630 by Trinkets in Bloom

Put that frosty beverage on a cute coaster with these Lemon Slice Coasters by Jennifer Perkins.Lemon Slice Rope Coaster DIY by Jennifer Perkins

Mark Montano shows us how to make a Marbled Thrift Store Lamp.Marbled Thrift Store Lamp by Mark Montano

Make a cute belt with this Paracord Belt DIY.Paracord Belt DIY by Trinkets in Bloom

Make a super comfy summer dress with this cool Tie Dye tutorial by Allison Murray.Abstract Tie Dye Comfy Dress by Allison Murray

Paint with Glue Stencils! Aunt Peaches shows us how to make these cute stencils. I think I’ll be trying this technique later today!Painting with Glue Stencils by Aunt Peaches

The ever stylish Megan Tintari of Love Megan will show you how to create some DIY Denim Culottes. These are super cute!DIY Denim Culottes by Love Megan

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