June 21, 2013


Use non-traditional fabric to make a cute and on trend summer skirt with this DIY Wrap Skirt tutorial for less than $10!

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With unexpected material you can find great prints at reasonable prices.


  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Pins
  • Snaps
  • Hook & eye
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle & thread
  • Iron

DIY Wrap Skirt Supplies
step 1
Measure around your hips to determine how wide your fabric needs to be. Be sure to add extra for the flap that wraps around the front.

Lay your fabric out and fold it in half long ways. You can do this if your fabric is 58 inches wide, if your fabric isnt wide enough you will need to cut two strips of fabric.

step 2
You will want to wrap your fabric around you and pin it.

You can see in the photos how I wrapped it around myself and pinned it in place. I also pinned darts, two in the back and one on each side.

When you take your skirt off, if your darts are not in exactly the right place you can lay your skirt out flat and using your tape measure move them and make sure the two in the back are even.DIY Wrap Skirt Draping

step 3
When you take your skirt off, depending on the print of your fabric, you may want to turn your darts to the other side.

If you are using two pieces of fabric instead of a fold at the top you can sew your darts on the inside of your skirt. If youre really good you can sew them on the inside across the fold at the top of your skirt. I just sewed mine on the inside of the skirt.

Use your sewing machine to sew your darts at the top of your skirt.DIY Wrap Skirt Darts

step 4
Turn your skirt inside out, putting the right sides (pretty/face of the fabric) together.

Pin your edges together and sew all the way around your skirt, Be sure to leave about a 6-8 inch opening to turn your skirt right side out.

After you are finished sewing the edges of your skirt, trim any seams and miter the corners of your skirt before turning it right side out.DIY Wrap Skirt Cut Corners

step 5
Turn your skirt right side out.

Use your iron to press your skirt, smoothing out all of your darts and seams.

step 6
Sew the edge opening closed.

If the opening is on the side of your skirt is the side the wraps inside, you can sew it with your sewing machine otherwise youll probably want to sew it by hand to hide the seam.DIY Wrap Skirt Sewn

step 7
Using your needle and thread sew a hook and eye on the inside of your skirt.

Sew a snap on the front of your skirt and the front flap.DIY Wrap Skirt SnapsDIY Wrap Skirt Sewn and Adding ClosuresDIY Wrap Skirt FinishedDIY Wrap Skirt Photo SunsetDIY Wrap Skirt Back ViewDIY Wrap Skirt Close UpDIY Wrap Skirt Photo Sunset 2

Would you consider using upholstery fabric for clothes? Why not? On a recent trip to Ikea I found they really have some great prints at seriously reasonable prices. The fabric I used is a little heavier than a normal apparel fabric, but I actually like having the skirt be made with a heavier fabric.

This is a simple way to make a skirt and it actually goes together pretty quickly. If you dont want to sew too much you could fray the edge of your skirt and leave it raw, depending on your fabric.

Im not being paid or reimbursed in anyway by Ikea for this post or any others. However, I have to admit they do have some really fun prints and you cant beat the price! I actually have two other fabrics lined up for future DIYs!

Leave me a comment and let me know how your skirt turns out!