June 5, 2012


Its time to get crazy with our accessories and add some color.

This DIY wire wrapped stone necklace with large stones is a great way to do just that. Even though my photo doesnt show it well (because were still freezing here in Seattle! This weather is ridiculous, I cant believe its June!), this really is a great necklace for Spring or Summer.Wire Wrapped Necklace DIY with Large Stones

This necklace would make a great statement with a strapless dress or tank.


To see step by step instructions and photos click here.

Supplies to make your Wire Wrapped Stone Necklace:

  1. 1 Bag of large plastic jewel stones (I found mine at Michael’s)
  2. 1 Sheet of plastic canvas (found mine at Joann’s Fabrics)
  3. 1 Yard of ribbon (local fabric store)
  4. 20 gauge wire (Joann’s)
  5. Pliers
  6. Scissors
  7. Glue (I ended up using hot glue, because I didnt want to wait for the glue to dry)

Wire Wrapped Stone Necklace DIY Supplies
Step 1

  • Take your plastic canvas and an 8 inch plate.
  • Trace around the plate and cut out.
  • Cut inside your cut out circle to make a 1 inch thick ring.

Instructions for Wire Wrapped Large Stone Necklace
Step 2
Start glueing your stones to your plastic canvas. Mix up your colors and shapes. Keep adding until its all filled up.
Do not fill up your whole circle. I recommend only going up about half way, other wise it gets too stiff and you wont be able to put it around your neck.Large Stone Necklace DIY Tutorial

Step 3

  • Once youve finished glueing on all your stones, you can start wrapping your wire.
  • Start on the back side and tuck the end of your wire into your plastic canvas and crimp to hold.
  • Keep wrapping until youve wrapped the whole thing.

Wire Wrapped Large Stone Necklace How toWire Wrapped Jewel Necklace DIY
Step 4
Take your ribbon and cut it in half.
Glue one end of each piece onto the back of your finished jeweled and wrapped necklace. I tucked my ribbon under the wire on the back side before I glued it.Wire Wrapped Large Stone Necklace with Ribbon DIY

This was a really quick and fun necklace to make. The hot glue worked really well and Im sure, if youre more patient than me, most other types of glue would work just fine too (including Aleenes Tacky Glue, as seen in the supplies picture).
This really is a cute necklace for Summer, I cant believe how chilly and fall like my picture turned out, but here in Seattle we havent had sun for a while. Im doing my best, if we get some sun soon Ill retake a more seasonally appropriate picture.
Let me know if you have any questions and let me know how yours turn out.