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Fringe! It’s making a huge entrance (again) on the fashion scene for spring. And what’s not to love?

Spring Fringe Inspiration
Whether you go all out with long strands of fringe on a cute clutch or smaller fringy tassels on jewelry, fringe adds movement and texture to clothing or accessories that could otherwise go unnoticed. Click through to see more on this fringe inspiration.
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Scarves are huge for Spring. Everywhere you look there are great scarves in bright colors. This video will give you some ideas on how to tie a scarf and wear different sizes and shapes of scarves for Spring.

If youre like me, its so easy to just grab the same scarf and tie it the same way (every day) as youre running out the door. Lets all make a pledge to change that before the fashion police come and take us away! Find some scarves in different shapes and try colors you normally wouldnt. Dont be afraid to go bright with colors and patterns. Lets jump into Spring with both feet and shake off the dull drab winter colors weve been wearing for months.


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